Kayla Stockert

Kayla Stockert is accompanied by her two brothers Brandon and Matt Stockert this year for the Montauk Music Festival. They grew up performing music together on Long Island and play acoustic sets locally. Their sound can be described as Indie Pop/R&B

Kayla Stockert has been professionally singing since the age of 8.

She started her career touring in doo-wop showcases with the original legends of doo-wop music as well as famous 60s and 70s groups. Touring the country and learning from the greats, she began to write her own music at the age of 13.

Her career took off and she was able to move to New York City and continue her music career there. Her most popular songs have landed on popular editorial Spotify playlists and even in film/commercial soundtracks.

She has a deep passion for music of all genres which also has inspires her own unique sound. Her sound can be described as Indie Pop/ R&B. Now, residing back in Long Island, she performs with her two brothers Matt and Brandon Stockert.

They all grew up performing music together as a band all over Long Island. They have been performing at the Montauk Music festival for over 10 years. Additionally, Kayla is a local and a server at one of Montauk’s best restaurants.

Photo  by Dayna Doxey Photography.


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