Gina Cutillo

Billboard artist from Long Island, NY Gina Cutillo has song placements on TV, commercials and film. Her single "Keep On" debuted at #34 on Billboard Top 40 mainstream charts. She has toured with Katy Perry, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes and others on Warped Tour. Besides releasing new music Gina has been also producing rock bands and solo artists.

Billboard artist and acclaimed songwriter Gina Cutillo continues to release modern music ranging from Pop to Rock and Dance. Her single “Keep On” debuted at #34 on Billboard Top 40 Mainstream chart and is the most added track to radio! Currently #41 on Top 40 MediaBase Activator Charts. It’s #12 on Top 40 NMW charts and the #1 Indie record. With song placements on Oprah, Nickelodeon, Mean Girls 2, Barbara Walters, MLB, Food Network, Degrassi, E! Network, VH1 and more Gina Cutillo’s music is placed & heard all over the world. Her single “The Inside” was co-written with Pete Nappi (Arthouse Entertainment). Pete recently produced Gayle’s “abcdefu” song. Gina’s music can be heard all over the world as her songs continue to be used in movies and shows internationally. From “Like You Know” topping the charts in Hong Kong to “Love, Sex, Baby” in a major French movie Gina Cutillo continues to produce music for the masses. Gina has also toured with Katy Perry, Paramore, Gym Class Heroes and more on Warped Tour. Her stage presence and catchy songs won over many crowds, cities and other major artists on the tour. She’s performed on stage with Prince and has played SXSW a few times with her last performance landing her as the opener for Neon Trees. Gina has also performed at CMJ, Launch, Dewey and many other major festivals. After her critically acclaimed 3rd album “The Lover”, Gina continues to release new singles and EP’s, most recent “Kiss Kiss” and “In Or Out” creating a vast catalogue of music from her Pop/Rock Anthem “Brand New Start” to her smooth r&b infected Pop hit “Runaway” all accepted and put in the forefront of the APM library with a review stating: “New Yorker Gina Cutillo delivers Pop/Rock/Dance at its best with a fresh batch of incredibly catchy memorable songs.” Gina took 2022 to produce and record the rock band Blue Light Effect, as well as singing on 2 of their singles. She has always co-produced her records but fully diving into the role herself has been very satisfying. Blue Light Effect’s debut album “Songs from the Frontline” has radio stations across the globe playing their songs. Gina Cutillo’s mission has always been worldwide success by reaching fans through her music. She has been quoted “The best feeling in the world is when someone tells you they had a better day because of your song, it’s truly what all the success comes down to.. my fans.”