Nicole Stella

Singer-Songwriter, Folk Nicole Stella is a young songwriter with a strong passion for American folk music and rock.

Born in a small town in Northern Italy, on Lake Maggiore, she starts playing the piano at a very young age. A few years later she starts playing the guitar too.
As a 16 year-old, she fulfills her passion for singing accessing an Opera course at the “Cantelli” Conservatorie (in Novara). Some years later she moves on to jazz, improving her vocal technique under the guidance of well-known Italian singer Francesca Ajmar.
During her University studies in Pavia, Nicole refines her musical identity, performing in the acoustic duo “Acoustic at Work“, with the guitarist Gianfranco Grande, and discovering her great passion for folk music.
From 2013 to 2015 Nicole is in London, where she establishes her presence as a talented emerging artist, performing in various contexts as a soloist.
Constantly conjugating her performing schedule with studio projects, Nicole produces her debut album, New Day, in August 2015, obtaining a positive response from English and American critics.
After moving back to Italy, Nicole becomes part of the lively music scene of Pavia, performing in legendary venues such as Spaziomusica. Later on, she moves to Tuscany and performs in towns such as Pisa, Viareggio and Livorno.
In 2016 Nicole starts a collaboration with jazz group The Real Feel (Claudio Benvenuto, guitar; Vito Silvestro, sax). She also works with the publisher SUR Edizioni at the organisation of a show on Joni Mitchell, presented at the illustrious festival JazzMi.
Nicole is now working on her second album, Something To Say, which will be out on the 20th March 2017.
Anais Le Feuvre, Be On The Scene Events Manager, says: “Nicole Stella is part of the outstanding performers of our community, she drives the audience with beautiful melodies and unique harmonies, it’s always a pleasure to have her.”