Moriah Formica

At the young age of 18, Adam Levine and Lzzy Hale call Moriah the "next great female rock artist". An accomplished guitar player with the voice comparable to any of the female rock greats Moriah delivers performances that wow concert goers.

Moriah is on her way up. At the young age of 18, she has already made a name in the music industry. A top 20 contestant on Season 13 of NBC’s The Voice (Team Miley) she was one of only four, 4 chair turns. Moriah has wowed the coaches and the world at large with her performances. The coaches had this to say: “So much talent, it’s almost unfair to the rest of the world. You are a born rockstar” (Blake Shelton) ” You are the next great female rock artist.” (Adam Levine of Maroon 5) ” Moriah is nothing to be played with. I wouldn’t want to be on the stage with you.” (Jennifer Hudson) and A Rock Goddess, you make me nervous.” (Miley Cyrus). Her debut EP, Bring It On, in 2016, an original collection of work showcased her talent and creativity as a truly unique vocalist, musician and songwriter. In 2017 to further display her versatility, Moriah released 3 singles of different genres. Music has been a part of Moriah’s life since the beginning. As a baby, she fell asleep to classical music. “Guitar by the Sea” calmed her down like nothing else when it was time to sleep or relax. Moriah got her first guitar when she was 6. She played around with it on her own for a while until she realized she wanted “more” out of playing. She loved the instrument. All she wanted to do was play it and play it now! At the age of 9 she started guitar lessons but that only lasted for a couple of weeks. She found playing by ear much more appealing than the traditional style of her instructor. She put her lessons on hold and began to teach her herself to play what she heard. Moriah gathered inspiration practicing for countless hours to the bands she loved—starting with her favorite: Aerosmith. Her love for the guitar grew and led her to teach herself other instruments like drums, keyboard, and bass. In the fifth grade, Moriah’s music teacher recognized her talent and drive. She was given the opportunity to play the guitar in one of the school concerts. She was shy and uncomfortable in front of large groups of people. Her teacher encouraged her in ways that empowered Moriah in spite of her fear of performing. This concert was her very first performance in public. She played “Eye Of The Tiger” by Survivor. That life-changing performance became a defining moment for Moriah. During a family party that year, Moriah made her debut vocal performance with Adele’s, “Rolling In The Deep”. Mouths dropped when they heard this very young girl with such a powerful voice. People gathered around to listen as if she had been telling an amazing story. Moriah’s oldest brother learned about an opportunity to take vocal lessons and play in a band at Modern Day Music, a local music school. At MDM, she found an outlet to explore her talents as a lead singer and a guitarist in some of the bands formed by the school. It gave her the platform to quickly develop and grow into a more skilled musician and performer. She was fortunate to work with incredible coaches who taught her how to use her gifts. At MDM, she became more and more comfortable connecting with an audience. She began to take risks and embrace herself as a true performer. At 11-years old, Moriah wrote her first song, Lovestrong. This song made it to her debut EP years later and would become a favorite of her producer and bandmates. Although she has an appreciation for a wide range of styles, bands in the rock/metal music genre have provided the greatest influences for Moriah. In addition to Aerosmith, other favorite artists of hers are Evanescence and Halestorm. Her most productive writing sessions take place while jamming in her room. The songs she writes show her uncommon grasp of the ways in which instruments collectively sound and flow together–rare for such a young artist. Moriah has had the privilege of working with some amazing professionals and nationally recognized musicians in the production of her EP. Through her experience, she has learned invaluable lessons that have made her a more skilled, focused and confident performer. She remains open and energized to continue her journey. Moriah is passionate. She loves music and believes in its unique power to inspire and motivate people. Like so many of us, Moriah wants to make the world a better place. By sharing her music—an extension of herself—Moriah hopes to connect with people and have a positive impact on their lives. For the record…she fully intends to have the time of her life along the way!