"Moontown is a fresh new band with songs and stories set to soulful sounds of rhythm and melody. From the mind of Ari Selinger, comes Moontown, a unique place full fascinating folks with strange and mysterious fables from the eyes its wide array of inhabitants. Tall tales of the stars, ocean odysseys and heartbreak set to song are originals that will feature Seth Nicholson (bass and vocals), Nate Osbourne (drums and vocals) and Ari (vocals and guitar). Along with Ari's upcoming film 'The Ghost of Hank Williams', shot at the American Hotel, Moontown is proud to bring its eclectic bag of stories of yesterday, today and tomorrow to the Montauk Music Fest. Their debut album Music from Moontown will be available during the shows."

Ari Selinger is a filmmaker and musician who splits his time between Sag Harbor and New York City. He shot his most recent film, ‘The Ghost of Hank Williams’ at the American Hotel.

His previous film, Moondog Airwaves, was shot at Bay Burger in Sag Harbor and it was screened at the Sag Harbor Cinema in October 2016. After attending NYU’s Tisch Film School he revisited his passion for storytelling in a new form…songwriting. After receiving a typewriter from his girlfriend, he wrote his debut album Music From Moontown in nearby Amagansett, where he spent a winter.

He is delighted to play the Montauk Music Festival with his band Moontown. His album, Music From Moontown will be available during his festival shows.