Melanie Morin and Co.

Melanie Morin is thrilled to be coming back for her 7th time at MMF and is ecstatic to be bringing along her good friend Jason Kaplan to the stage. You may have caught Melanie performing alongside her band “The Regulars” last year on the green pavilion or memory motel.. The uniqueness of this duo is their ability to create the music they feel deeply in the moment and every performance is never the same. With blends of acoustic folk rock, bluesy jazz, and r&b infused into the music, every note resonates as Melanie’s soulful voice is heard. They perform originals as seasoned songs as well as covers that allows the listeners to experience the song in a whole new way. While Jason melodically shreds on the guitar, his talent brings this duo to another level with beatboxing skills as he uses his guitar to keep the beat as well.

Melanie Morin is a full time musician born and raised on Long Island NY who’s honest and soulful voice captures any listener. She takes a song to make it her own and creates a heartfelt performance. Melanie thoroughly enjoys collaborating with many talented musicians from Long Island which allows her to form different super groups and projects. A fellow band mate, Jason Kaplan is performing alongside the songstress this year. Jason is a music teacher by day and rocker by night. With his exceptional guitar skills he combines keeping the beat on his guitar while using beatboxing to add depth to each song as his harmonies/background vocals adds a sweet extra voice to the mix. The duos natural ability to make you feel the music embodies positive vibrations. You can catch Melanie at many coffee shops, brewery’s, weddings, restaurants, etc across New York.. Melanie is currently in the studio working on her solo album and is ready to finally share her original music with the world. She loves performing many genres including folk, rock, jazz, r&b and blues with an acoustic guitar in hand. Spreading love, positivity, and realness is all she hopes for within her music. Thanks to music and the love we all share for it, Melanie is always grateful to connect and meet new people through the same universal language of love.