Frank Enea and the crooked hearts

"Frank Enea & The Crooked Hearts are a NY based original 21st century classic rock/alt band with pop melodie’s. Frank’s guitar playing and vocal style is rooted in blues and early 1960’s rock, but his pop Melodie’s landed him a #1 iTunes rock track and Billboard hit called “The Night Begins To Shine” along with a recurring character (himself) along with his Teen Titans Go tv band, B.E.R. "

Based in New York, frankEnea and the crooked hearts are an original classic pop rock-alt based band. The band
has been recording and performing it’s it’s original brand of Rock n’ Roll for 12 years. The band consists of Frank Enea , Vocals & guitar, Martin Stroh on drums, Brian Newsholme on keyboards and Alex V on Bass. The band has released for a Albums, and has played with international touring acts.
Frank Enea is known for his hit song “The Night Begins To Shine” which went to number one on iTunes rock charts, and number 23 on billboard, along with two other songs,. Frank is also a recurring character on the hit Cartoon Network show, Teen Titans Go.