Carrie and The Cats

Carrie and The Cats are a blues/funk/rock band with a touch of soul from Long Island.

Carrie & The Cats are a new, powerful blues band based out of Long Island NY. Lead singer,Carrie Wicks, voice will truly drop your jaw to the floor with her grit and power, and at times gentleness. Guitarist Will “Wee” Bart brings a certain fire on stage with his electrifying guitar solos and carefully crafted rhythms. “Uncle” Rusty brings the power behind the kit and makes his presence known with a certain edge in his playing reminsicient of Ginger Baker during the Cream days.Joe Conserva rounds out the rhythm section on bass laying down the grooves that are bound to make you move. Billy “Badbones” Hanley on the saxophone, bringing some flare to the jams with the horns. With Matt Maier on trumpet rounding out the horns section. Together the six of us on stage will deliver a show that you won’t soon forget.