Alyson Faith and Alessandra Small

music has been compared to the works of Fiona Apple, Melissa Etheridge, Tori Amos, and Stevie Nicks

Alyson Faith

Alyson and Alessandra have been writing and performing for nearly two decades.  Blending thought provoking lyrics, bluesey folk, soul and rock, Alyson and Alessandra are a dynamic duo.
> Alyson is the founder of Funky town Playground, a music and movement program for children. Alessandra is involved in Rock Against Homelessness, a non profit organization to raise money for the homeless. Alyson and Alessandra have records on iTunes and  are both releasing new solo music projects in 2017.

> Request Alyson’s catchy, country pop Birthday song to liven up a night instead of a traditional happy birthday. If you’re eager for change and a protest anthem, ask Alessandra to play her new single, Revolution, which evokes fiery passion, sensitivity and questions the current state of the world. Both artists are thrilled to be playing the Montauk Music Festival for the third year in a row.